PV Systems + Battery Backup

A photovoltaic power system that is an electricity generating PV System that is connected to the utility grid. This system comes with the added bonus of having battery backup for 3 hours during load shedding. The main components of this system is Solar Panels, Bi-Directional Inverter and Deep Cycle Batteries.

These systems are designed according to the specific needs of the customer during load shedding. The more essentials you need during load shedding the more batteries will be added, which will obviously affect the cost.

Your electricity is also generated as with the standard PV system, but there is now a storage device (Deep Cycle Batteries) connected to the system. There is no limit when it comes to the storage of electricity on these batteries, as long as the Inverter is sized correctly. This system can also be designed to take you totally off the grid.

Current special we are running:
3kWh PV System with Battery Backup
Package Includes:


  • 1 x 3kWh Microcare Bi-Directional Inverter
  • 12 x 250 Renesola Solarpanel
  • 1 x 40amp Regulato
  • Mounting Racks
  • 2 x 260AH Deep Cycle Batteries (will supply 1004watt/hour for 2,5hours)
  • Full Installation
    • Electrical Certificate of Compliance to be issued after installation.
  • This system will generate 24kWh per day – R14 716 worth of electricity per year
    Based on standard installation

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