Load Shedding Kits


These kits consist of mainly Batteries and an Inverter. The system is tied in to the Eskom grid, and will give you electricity for 2,5 hours during load shedding.
These kits come in various sizes depending on your essential need.

All battery backup kits get connected directly to your distribution board via the Inverter by a qualified electrician to supply your essential load during load shedding. The plus side of these systems are that they can be your first step towards going off grid, as they are adaptable in the sense that Solar panels can be added at a later stage. Calculating your essential load is part of the free consultation that we offer.

We are currently running the following specials:

2,52kWh Load Shedding Kit

This kit will supply:

  • 520 watts/hour for 2,5 hours during load shedding.
  • TV (220watt)
  • Decoder (30watt)
  • 15 x energy saving lights (105watt)
  • 2 x Cell Phone chargers (60watt)
  • 1 x Laptop charger (80watt)

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